Sup in 2019?

Here are some things to get me through this goddamn month.

2018 was excellent for metal.  It would be crazy to put those expectations on this year, but there are definitely some things on the metal and metal-adjacent docket worth enduring winter for (in chronological order):

1. Expected new records–Release dates unknown

-Deftones–Can they bounce back from Gore?

-Amon Amarth–Can they bounce back from Jomsviking?

-Baroness–Can they bounce back from…wait, Purple was good, NM.


2.  New Tool album–??

Gets a separate heading.  Fuck these guys for all the teasing and bullshit and $600 clinics.  But they are also Tool, so they are basically untouchable, and if a new one actually comes out it will be nothing short of a fucking EVENT.


3.  The Raconteurs Return

I was late to the party on this, and not a huge Jack White guy, but fuck if Consolers of the Lonely isn’t a top 10 rock record of the last 20 years.  Do it again?


4.  Lords of Chaos movie release–Feb 8

I’ve been waiting on this for awhile.  The book has its problems, but the subject matter is nothing less than compelling and an important part of modern metal history.  Plus, it is salacious as fuck and there is a Culkin playing Euronymous.


5.  COC and Crowbar Tour–Bottom Lounge, Sat Feb 9

Pepper is there.  Kirk is there.  Phil is watching horror movies in his basement (which hopefully doesn’t have any unfortunate banners on the wall).  Just make it happen!


6.  Uncle Acid and Graveyard tour–March 26–Metro

Uncle Acid clearly > Graveyard at this point, but the head to head matchup should be a good night, and at least Graveyard has some solid back catalog worth hearing.


7.  Game of Thrones–April

AHHHHHH.  Must. complete. re-watch.


8. Chicago Open Air–May 18-19

No vendors, no second stage, and the ticket prices can beat it…

BUT who can pass up Tool and System of a Down?  Hold you nose and take the plunge.


9.  Judas Priest (May) and Iron Maiden (August) Shows

It will only be about 5-10 years when young metalheads will look in disbelief when you say “I saw Maiden with Bruce and Priest with Rob in the same summer.”  Take advantage while you can.


10.  Psycho Las Vegas–August 16-18

I’ve yet to make the trek out there, but it is always the most enviable U.S. lineup (look at 2017’s if you don’t believe me), and maybe the second only to Hellfest worldwide.


Fuck January.


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